by: Jennicillin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The typical holiday whirlwind!

That has been the last two weeks in a nut shell!  However, two exciting things worth posting about!

1:  I got my shoes for the wedding!

Oh yeah, they're turquoise!  Aren't they pretty and fun?!  In a perfect world I'd want them a bit taller ;-) but the length of my dress won't allow for it.  No matter, they're blingy and bright and I'm excited!

2:  Rob got his orders for our next transfer!  We're going to Virginia Beach, VA in July of 2010!  We're super excited as this was our first choice of billets and we got it!

The next 6 months will be CRAZY!  Wedding, Baptism, Honeymoon, House Hunting, Cross Country Road Trip, and New Job!  Yikes!


Cathy Brooksby said...

Love the shoes.

hummer said...

The shoes are beautiful. Virginia, that is a beautiful exciting area to live in.