by: Jennicillin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The typical holiday whirlwind!

That has been the last two weeks in a nut shell!  However, two exciting things worth posting about!

1:  I got my shoes for the wedding!

Oh yeah, they're turquoise!  Aren't they pretty and fun?!  In a perfect world I'd want them a bit taller ;-) but the length of my dress won't allow for it.  No matter, they're blingy and bright and I'm excited!

2:  Rob got his orders for our next transfer!  We're going to Virginia Beach, VA in July of 2010!  We're super excited as this was our first choice of billets and we got it!

The next 6 months will be CRAZY!  Wedding, Baptism, Honeymoon, House Hunting, Cross Country Road Trip, and New Job!  Yikes!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching up
Wedding Wednesday

Wow!  I am EXHAUSTED!  We went from Concord to San Jose to Texas to Louisiana back to Texas back to San Jose and finally...

...Rob and I set foot in our own apartment after being gone for almost two weeks!  The trip down to the south was fun though, and tonight for dinner we are having some fresh deer meat from the buck he got while hunting.  I'll have pictures up soon, but most of them are on the future SIL's camera, so it'll be a couple weeks.  In the meantime here is a preview:

How could I not take the classic "Welcome to Texas" picture?!  We took this on the way BACK to Texas from Louisiana.  I wish I had a "Welcome to Louisiana" pic too, but I was asleep when we crossed that state line :-(  I loved Texas!  I'm much more comfortable with the idea of possibly living there now that I've seen it.  Louisiana was ok, but a bit too rural for this urban girls taste.


I picked up my wedding dress yesterday!  I love it!  I would post pics but the risk of Rob seeing them is too high.  I will tell you this, it has a NINE POINT bustle!  The seamstress taught my mom how to bustle it and labeled each point, while my grandmother took step by step pics.  My poor mom and Maid of Honor will have their work cut out for them on the big day, but it will be completely worth it.  It's a beautiful custom bustle (I designed it and the seamstress added her own professional touches) that links on my hip and creates beautiful drape effects in the back. 

I also printed out 50 copies of our engagement pictures yesterday because we mail our invitations in a week!


I am a Christmas nut, and am stoked that I get to have all my Christmas stuff up!  It's looking so pretty!  I'll be posting pics on Mosaic Mondays and Pink Saturdays so you can see all the little pretty sparkles :-)  I'm also working on a new look (and sound) for the blog to celebrate the season :-)  Christmas cards go in the mail today too!

I'm not going to be doing Eye Spy Thursday anymore, I might start it up again after our wedding and transfer, but I'm realizing quickly how much work it is to HOST something like that, and really have a new appreciation for people like Beverly and Mary and all the hard work they do! 


Thank you so much for being patient with my flakiness on the blogging front the last two months.  I'm sure you all can understand the craziness that happens at this time of year, especially when combined with moving and wedding planning!  You're comments have been so appreciated, and even though I haven't been writing much I've been reading what you've all been up too and it's been wonderful! 

See you all on Pink Saturday!