by: Jennicillin

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wedding Wednesday
Oh... Dear God...

I originally had a completely different post for you all for Wedding Wednesday, but I will be saving it for next week as my wedding seems to be on the precipice of its first disaster.

Remember the lovely pictures I've posted about the beautiful vision I have for my cake?  (Here's a refresher if you need it)  Well, I'm concerned.

This morning, I lay in bed after Rob went to work and surfed the web on my laptop, as per my usual routine.  Checked Facebook, responded to a few forums on CoastieChicks, and had settled into my Blogger Dashboard to read new posts from some of my favorite blogs.  There was a new post on one of my favorite little blogs, Cake Wrecks (you may have heard of it)  featuring this cake:


They asked for a delicate lace pattern with some small ninja symbols subtlely worked into the lace in a way that only those who knew what to look for would see.  Sort of an inside joke for the bride and groom.  And they got THIS Swastika monstrosaty!!!

I'm going to be in San Jose tomorrow, and will be making a follow up trip to the bakery with more pictures, color swatches, and to confirm that my decorator will NOT be whoever decorated this... thing!!!

Read it on Cake Wrecks HERE
Read more from the brides mother HERE


Cake Wrecks and Yelp have both been forced to take down their posts regarding the Swastika Cake... apparently the baker isn't such a fan of negative press.  This makes me even more leary, and am tempted to find a different baker.


Erin said...

Cakewrecks strikes again! I would hate to see that from my bakery.... I am sure yours will be lovely, though. It's probably just someone new?

Jennicillin said...

It doesn't look good...

Cake Wrecks posted a sort of rebuttal from the bakery and... well lets just say their defense is crappy.

I'm still very worried

Alison in the Bay Area said...

Looking through the comments on the mother of that bride's blog, one baker commented that it's unfortunately not unusual for bakeries to lift and claim photos from other bakeries' Flickr streams as if they were their own, and that the bakery that had made that Cakewreck clearly had done that--she said she recognized the photos and that they didn't belong to the place in San Jose claiming them.

I feel for you. Good luck! Oh, and as for the bakery claiming the Cakewrecks bride had submitted that paper to them, a) they appear already to have been less than honest by claiming others' work as their own, so b) it would not seem to be below them to defend themselves publicly but dishonestly, especially when it's plastered across the NY Times, and c) they never, in eight months, double-checked with the bride as to whether she really (!) wanted swastikas on her cake. And they blasted that bride and only gave her, begrudgingly, a partial refund. Such customer service.

Do you have sketches from them for your cake? Have you seen examples IN THEIR SHOP as to their work?

I'm dying to hop in the car and drive down there to see the place for myself at this point!

Lori E said...

Oh my. That is not the kind of error one can laugh about later. You need someone to be there checking on this cake the day before the wedding.


Holy crap. Even without the ridiculousness of the swastikas, that cake looks like it was decorated by my 7-year-old cousin. They asked for a white lace cake with ninja stars in the lace and fondant apricots on it. There is NO lace, and there are NO apricots, just crappy apricot-colored frosting. You'd better make darn sure that the decorator knows what she's doing with your cake! If you're getting something simple (like the cake in this photo without the crappy apricot-colored "accents"), then you should be good, but otherwise...I'd think about getting a new baker!

briedawg09 said...
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Brie said...

I would love to hear how your meeting goes, and I hope it goes well! Good luck!

hummer said...

Mercy Sakes as if you didn't have enough be concerned about. Hope all your dreams come through.

Sabrina said...

Lame, lame, lame that Cake Wrecks and Yelp caved to this bakery. Heaven forbid the truth or an honest opinion would get out. Look at that cake. Regardless of what they asked for, it was a crappy design with horrible colors. Seriously. An embarassment and a poor representation of that bakery at best.

Hungarican Chick said...

Cake Wrecks was not forced to take the post down, they chose to because it caused a lot of negativity, which is not what they're about. They also realized that there are two sides to the story.

Ultimately, misunderstandings and mistakes happen, and you cannot ruin a business for one blunder when they have had a successful business with happy customers for yeras. I'm sure their cakes are still fabulous, one bad cake doesn't make them all bad.

Little Lovables said...

Cake wrecks removed the post because the bakers were receiving death threats and violent messages and such.

They also found that there were 2 sides of the story and that it wasn't a fair representation to only have one side presented. And also, b/c the purpose of Cake Wrecks is for fun, not to ruin a business over a misunderstanding.

Patricia said...

I just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Pink Saturday and have a great new week.