by: Jennicillin

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pink Saturday, Pink Saturday.... Wherefore art thou Pink Saturday

So... for those of you who came here only to be disappointed by the lack of Pink Saturday, here is what happened.

My little netbook laptop, with ALLLLLLL my pictures on it, suddenly died on Friday afternoon.  After spending an hour using simple, one syllabull, words to communicate with the less than competent Gateway tech support, it has been determined that the charger for the computer bit the dust.  Luckily the computer is under warrenty and a new charger will arrive sometime in the next two weeks.

I can still take new pictures this week and upload them to Rob's computer to make all my posts until then, but the work I had already done for yesterday is trapped inside the laptop :-(

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!  See you tomorrow for Mosaic Monday!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Jennicillin!
Happy Sunday sweetie. So glad that they will be able to fix your computer by sending you a new charger. That is cheap fix for them, and a quick fix for you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Take care. Country hugs, Sherry

RobinfromCA said...

Ahhh, hence your comment on facebook. Sorry to hear about the charger but at least it's fixable. You can't use the Mini?

This time zone thing has me all confused about when to post so I think things are going up at weird times. Glad the new picture worked out though!