by: Jennicillin

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mosaic Monday

Welcome everyone to Mosaic Monday!  Be sure to stop by Little Red House and see what our hostess, and others, have in store.

Today I have a mosaic of wedding planning stuff.  I've posted a lot of these pictures in seperate posts as part of my weeking Wedding Wednesday updates, but for those of you that haven't been following Wedding Wednesday here is a sneak peek of some of the wedding planning stuff that's been going on :-) also let us know this week that we have less than 200 days until the big day!  I'm suddenly feeling like I still have a lot to get done!!

Hope you all are set to have a fabulous week!!


Mary said...

Is that your engagement ring?! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Best of luck with all your planning, and try not to get too wigged out -- everything will work out in the end. thanks for sharing at Mosaic Monday. :)

Riet said...

What a lovely mosaic. Very special.
Have a nice day

RobinfromCA said...

It goes by fast! I told Scott I need to talk to him after we get back but he has the date on the calendar so now it only remains to work on the details.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jenicillin:
I so love this mosiac. The ring, and the ocean, the starfish. It is going to be beautiful. I can hardly wait to see the pics of your wedding. You are going to be a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing on this beautiful day. Stop by soon, as I so love it when you do. Country hugs, Sherry

Sharon said...

Special mosaic and the ring, gorgeous! Sharin