by: Jennicillin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eye Spy Thursday Revealed!

I spy with my little eye; a Graveyard.... ooooooo

In case you couldn't tell by my fun new layout, I'm starting to get into the Halloween spirit (pun intended)  I only have a few of my decorations out, and I'll be doing the rest after I dig them out of my parents and grandmothers garages this weekend :-)  I got these tombstones at Micheals aka Housewife Heaven a couple of weeks ago

They were 40% off.  So now I have a cool graveyard in front of our fireplace (which is perfectly safe by the way because the gas to it is turned off and the pilot light is NOT lit)  I really like the way it turned out :-)

See you on Pink Saturday!  And don't forget about Eye Spy Thursday next week, where the theme will be I Spy with my little eye; something that begins with "H"