by: Jennicillin

Friday, September 11, 2009

An Award from Sherry!

On Tuesday I received this award from Sherry over at Country Wings in Phoenix!  I was so pleased!  Make sure you stop by her site if you haven't before and check it out!

So, now my understanding is I can select up to 8 others to offer this award to.  People who deserve to be recognized for their kindheartedness, and good nature.  I don't actually know tons of fellow bloggers because I'm still fairly new to it, so I don't have 8  people, but I do know a few worth noting.  All of whom have wonderful blogs, and a wonderful nature.

Robin @ Miscellaneous Thoughts

Corrine @ 101 Goals in 1001 Days 

Nerina @ NicNac Maniac

Erin @ The Wilsons

Lori E @ Family Trees May Contain Nuts

All lovely ladies (two of them family) Stop by their blogs if you get the chance :-) And thanks again to Sherry for the award!!


Erin said...

Hey thanks! I am so glad that anyone who links to my blog from yours based on this kind nomination will get to read about my pee first and foremost! EXCELLENT. ; )

RobinfromCA said...

Thanks! Love the new layout - thought you would enjoy! I'll send a surprise to go with it when I get a quick moment!

I think the whole world should know about Erin's pee! :D