by: Jennicillin

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eye Spy Thursday Revealed
Mmmmmm Coffee

My future in-laws are coming into town... TODAY! Can you believe it? It's finally here and I'm nervous! They arrive at SFO at 12:30. In order to prepare to play hostess to Robs parents for four days, my mom got me this beautiful coffee service as an early engagement present:


Me likey!

I tried to figure a way to take the picture without my reflection gleaming in the pot, but couldn't really avoid it :-/ Oh well...

NOW- I'm gonna go to the airport! See you next week when the theme is "I spy with my little eye, something that begins with 'D'"


RobinfromCA said...

I like the reflection! Sorry I couldn't participate this week. Too much going on - I missed all the blog events this week.

Lori E said...

Well at least you are dressed.