by: Jennicillin

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pink Saturday--Build A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!! Special thanks once again to Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound for hosting such a fun challenge!

Today we visit my aunts garden again. I really need new material at this point don't I... hmmmm.... but I love this little pink birdhouse!

She painted it herself, I think it used to be yellow. Not nearly as pretty as the pink in my opinion! Have a great weekend everyone! Hope to see you soon for Mosaic Monday, Wedding Wednesday, and Eye Spy Thursday!


Claudia said...

Such a sweet birdhouse! Happy Pink Saturday!

Bunny said...

Oh I love your header it is beautiful shot. I also love that little birdhouse. Happy Pink Saturday.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Jennicillin, I just love the little pink bird house. It looks so Victorian and antique like. Happy Pink Saturday and wonderful post. You know simple is sweet and always respectful. Thanks for sharing. Please stop by and say hi. Country hugs, Sherry

Bobbi Jo said...

Happy Pink Saturday! I like the birdhouse maybe a different shade of pink would be better. I would love to see it finished.
Wouldn't it be fun to drive the Hello Kitty car for a while and see how people look at you? he he
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will come back often.
Enjoying your blog. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Regina said...

Nice one!
Happy Pink Saturday and
enjoy the weekend.

Light and Voices said...

Even the birds are in the grand!

g said...

How cute!! I hope the birds like it.

Happy Pink Saturday.

CC said...

Oooo, what a sweet birdhouse. I know it's tiny tenants love it. Happy Pinks..and have a wonderful week.

Sarah said...

Love your pink bird house!

Happy PInk Saturday ~ Hyacinth

♥Mimi♥ said...

I hate to be a broken record, but it's cold and gloomy here today and it rained all day yesterday! Hoping that I can get outside a bit to check out my gardens☺ Pink Saturday is bringing a little much needed and very welcome color into my home today. Thanks so much for participating. It's always so nice to visit your blog and see what's going on.

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and everyone you l♥ve. I'm hoping mine will be dry☺

Patricia said...

The birdhouse is beautiful. I think your blog is just lovely and I love your photo banner. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful new week.

Mary said...

I love the image you chose to share with us today. It is beautiful in its simplicity. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jenn! LOVE this little pink birdhouse!! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're having a great weekend! ~tina

peggy gatto said...


RobinfromCA said...

I was just out in Linda's backyard taking pictures (until my camera battery went dead and, of course, I forgot the charger) and saw this little birdhouse! Nice shot of it! Grandma and I head back tonight.