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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Becoming an effective blogger Wedding Wednsday

So, in order to maintain a better blog I've decided to look for a couple of other blogs that I can follow that have weekly blog challenges. My mother is the queen of this, so I'll probably start by investigating her blog roll and swiping Robs government issued digital camera (shhhhh it's for official use only :-p).

In the meantime I will spend the next 8 months trying to update all of you on the process of planning my wedding. So... Welcome to Wedding Wednsday!! (Isn't that a nice illiteration?)

Last week was VERY productive on the wedding front! I arranged for an officiant and ordered our wedding cake! Our officiant is Pastor Norm Mowery, from The Church of the Wayfarer in Carmel. I worked with him a lot when I was planning weddings down there, and he officiated all but two of the weddings I arranged in Carmel. Here is a picture I took of him about 4 years ago (he still looks the same!):

Our Officiant, originally uploaded by Jennicillin.
Our wedding cake is going to be a cupcake cake from Sugar Butter Flour Bakery. I'm really excited about this idea because it means we don't need anyone to cut and serve our cake! The top tier will be a traditional 6" wedding cake tier, and then the bottom three tiers will be graduating platforms filled with 40 cupcakes! Our top tier is going to be carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and is inspired by this cake:

Wedding Cake Inspiration, originally uploaded by Jennicillin.
The cupcakes will be an assortment of 4 different flavors: Chocolate, White, Marble with Fudge Filling, and Banana. Each one will be topped with a hand painted chocolate seashell and look like this:

Ocean Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Jennicillin.
Next week I'll be starting to plan for when Robs parents are coming to town! Which means engagement pictures and engagement party details are sure to follow!

Happy Hump Day!


Erin said...

YUM! Those cupcakes look beautiful!

Dreamgirl said...

Good luck on planning your wedding. Must be lots of fun!

Just stopping by today to wish you a very HAPPY PINK SATURDAY!
I hope your day will be filled with sunshine and joy!

Greetings from Spain

♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Wish you luck on your planning for your wedding.
Happy PS and have a great weekend

Mary said...

I love the cupcakes - beautiful and sophisticated take on the trendy cupcake. Best wishes!

Elizabeth said...

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Adrienne said...

SO cute!! You are going to have a beautiful party!